Monday, September 19, 2016

Organic Ecological Farming Mission

Organic and Ecological Food Production Today and the Future

Organic food production is a challenge and fits within the framework of sustainable development and the use of natural resources. Growing vegetables and fruits organically is not a question of trend nor just food production, but belongs to the much broader concept of sustainable development and management.

The transition from traditional to ecological agriculture requires a lot of work, effort, education and patience. People should not be discouraged because they will be rewarded for their persistence. The manufacturing of food which does not use artificial fertilizers, chemicals, pesticides and hormones is a harder, but certainly better and more cost-effective way.

Denmark is the world leading organic nation with 7-8 percent of the land area used for organic farming (Source: OrganicDataNetwork survey 2014 based on national data sources and FiBL-AMI Survey 2016). Austria is leading with 19-20 percent of the country land used in ecological farming.

My mission is within permaculture principles and any activity that helps to protect the environment and fight climate change. Identified in saving energy and raw materials, the promotion of renewable energy, reduce waste and pollution and the protection of biodiversity and ecosystems.


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