Thursday, October 5, 2017

Agriculture in Croatia

Agriculture for the 21st Century that we need in Croatia

At the conference "Croatia we need - agriculture for the 21st century", which was held on October 4th 2017 at the hotel Esplanade, the challenges and future of agriculture in Croatia were discussed, as well as how to promote modern and sustainable production, with better use of the EU's generous funds.

On the Conference there were panels about introducing new technologies and crop insurance, about possible and feasible ways of associating farmers, and about what needs to be done to make the two key economic branches - food production and tourism - better connect. Minister of Agriculture Tomislav Tolušić had an opening presentation and Finance Minister Zdravko Marić with the Prime Minister, were present.

The "Croatia we need" is a project by Večernji list Newspaper, and the conference "Agriculture for the 21st century" Večernji list is carried out with the support of its specialized portal The conference has, amongst, discussed the promotion of modern and sustainable production, the use of EU funds. The introduction of new technologies and crop insurance, merging the association of farmers, and the linking of food and tourism production.

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